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Tech Corner

Tech procedures for Match report Click on link to download.


Tech procedures for Match report.


  1. Team list should be collected 15mins. before match
  2. Get team list from captains
  3. Fill in names on match report.

Lowest to highest shirt number

First initial last name

16 players

Note captain

Note Goal keeper

4. Short corners/Penalty Strokes

One slash

Cross for converted

Note half time

5. Scoring

Record time in minutes

Shirt number


Type of goal


6. Check for membership and waivers

Look in back of binder for team list

Must sign waiver before their first match of season.

7. Cards given

Record time next to players name under card color

A report most be written by Umpires for yellow and red cards.

8. End of match


Coach/ manager




General Guide lines

First tech of day

Please be at pitch 15-30mins before first match of the day.

Bring a Bag ice

Collect  first aid kit and Tec bag from cupboard

Water pitch


Rules for Game

Coaches must stay between 25yd lines

Players must not obstruct view

Carded players must sit before game can restart

Only players, tech and coaches in dug out. No Children

Keep eye contact with Umpire for stopping and starting game.

Not suppossed to show bias

Use second Stopwatch for 2min Green card

Anyone bleeding must come off pitch

Pitch must be cleaned with Alcohol before match restarts.