Board of Directors

Role Member Email President Keith De Silva Vice-President **Vacant** Treasurer Pam Roye Secretary Technical Director  Tami Ray Umpiring Director Tami Ray Junior Development Director Alex Godet  Senior Development Director **Vacant** Compliance Office Laura West-Burt Communications Director **Vacant** Fundraising Director **Vacant**  BOA Representative Keith De Silva

Coaching Committee

Elite+Mental+Preparation[2] Goalkeeping+Performance[2] Bermuda Speed Conditioning+for+Speed[2] Elite+Goalkeeping[2] Goalkeeping+Performance[2] Skill Acquisition Pathways Transition+Counter+Attack[2] 16 YARD HIT DEFENSIVE FREE HITS vista OFFENSIVE FREE HITS vista

Tech Corner

Tech procedures for Match report Click on link to download.   Tech procedures for Match report.   Team list should be collected 15mins. before match Get team list from captains Fill in names on match report. Lowest to highest shirt number First initial last name 16 players Note captain Note Goal keeper 4. Short corners/Penalty Strokes One slash Cross for converted Note half time 5. Scoring Record time in minutes Shirt number Team Type of goal   6. Check for membership and waivers Look in back of binder for team list Must sign waiver before their first match of season. 7. Cards given Record time next to players name under card color A report …

Umpires Corner

  Keep posted for upcoming classes   FIH Rules 2017 Now you can also get it as an app FIH Rules of Hockey-2015 rules-of-hockey-2015-adjustment-to-rule-132-as-at-16-february-2016 rule-13-attacking-free-hits-within-5m-of-the-circle